Locally Made: Jennifer VanInwegen Makes Butter Even Better

Jennifer VanInwegen was the wife who couldn't cook.

​Jennifer ordered the magazine anyway and challenged herself to recreate the gorgeous gourmet meals featured on its pages.  Her life changed the day she roasted the perfect duck. 

Last year, the Phoenix resident and mother of two young children put her culinary creativity to work and launched her own business, calling it Creative Butters.

Jennifer began considering the idea of packaging and selling flavored butter after serving a steak recipe topped with a savory compound butter.

​The Creative Butters product is a compound butter, which is a fancy way to say flavored butter.

The delicious butter brings to mind little scoops of ice cream as she finally dishes it into  6 ounce containers to be labeled and frozen. She admits to eating it by the spoon when sampling.  When we asked about the health aspects of consuming butter by the spoonful, Jennifer smiled. 

"Everything in moderation," she says, "including moderation."

Keep your eyes out for Creative Butters in the dairy section of a store near you. Until then you can purchase them Saturday mornings at Road Runner Farmers' Market  and on Sundays at the Ahwatukee Farmers' Market.  

You can also contact Jennifer at www.creativebutters.com for more information.

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