Luci's Healthy Marketplace Adds Pumpkin Pancakes to the Menu for Fall

Are you sick of hearing about pumpkin things already? Well, happy October, everything is at its pumpkin peak for a while, but that's okay. There really are worse gourds all food and beverage could be flavored like or with so why not start this morning anew. Give pumpkin stuff another try at Luci's Healthy Marketplace where they're serving up pumpkin pancakes all month.

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Look, we all want to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast, but it's not exactly like you can do that in public without judging glances from the next table over. Rather than deal with that, you can get the pumpkin flavor you crave in a much more breakfast-friendly, fluffy pancake form.

The pancakes will join the rest of Luci's regular menu as a special throughout the month of October beginning today for $8.98 per order. Luci's also offers a full menu of breakfast options like omelettes and French toast, as well as lunch fare like sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

For the full menu at Luci's and more information, visit the restaurant's website.

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