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Marijuana-Flavored Mayo Now Available for Your Fry Dipping Pleasure

If you've been to Brussels, you might already know about little Manneken Pis, the "emblem of the rebellious spirit of the City of Brussels" or a fountain of a urinating boy. He's kind of a big deal over there and, apparently, so are his French fries. Because aside from being the name of that little peeing statue, it's also the name of a French fry chain -- and not just any French fry chain, "de beste friet van Nederland 2013!"

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We haven't tried the fries, but if the company thinks its new weed-flavored dipping sauce is going to be a hit with customers in the Netherlands, it tells us a lot about who's eating this stuff. Last Thursday, the company introduced "Wietsaus," a "new flavorful sauce with the unmistakable taste of weed."

According to a Dutch news blog, Albert van Beek (the owner of the fry chain) says he was inspired to make the sauce by the strong smell of weed on the streets of Amsterdam. Because it's Amsterdam, he was surprised to find that weed sauce didn't already exist. So, logically, he made his own.

"Because we want to remain leaders in the field of sauces, we are always looking for new flavors to our customers to continue to surprise," he told another newsite. "I thought a weed sauce already existed, but that is not so. We are the first to weed sauce on the market and we are proud!"

Before you buy a plant ticket, you should know that for some crazy reason the sauce doesn't actually contain THC. The sauce is merely infused with the smell and taste of cannabis.

In other words, it won't get you high.

Despite the oversight, it seems the sause is well received by the people of the Netherlands. The company Facebook shows plenty of media coverage and photos of the lines of people waiting to get their hands on the sauce. It seems to us the smart thing to do would be to include the munchie-inducing THC, so stoners would find themselves in a vicious cycle of sauce-eating and hunger.

Though it may not be legal for recreational use in Arizona, those who suffer from motion sickness or nightmares (both treatable with a nice fat blunt) could very well create their own marijuana mayo. Here's some advice on how to make weed butter and we'll leave the rest to you.

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