In this week's Chef Chat, we heard from Chef Matt McLinn of The Grind. Today, he steps away from his meat grinder and gives us the rundown on one of his favorite desserts: Brioche Chocolate Bread Pudding. Here's how it's done.

Matt McLinn's Brioche Chocolate Bread Pudding

(yields 6)

10 cups medium diced brioche
2 cups creme anglaise
1.5 cups chocolate semi sweet
1 cup sugar
8 cups favorite creme brulee recipe
garnish with powdered sugar and fresh mint

1. Make your crème anglaise add 2 shots of bourbon and chill
2. Use a vanilla bean crème brulee recipe (here's Emeril Legasse's) and set aside warm
3. Dice brioche and toast until crispy nutty and amber in color
4. Toss together chocolate, bread and sugar in a large bowl and evenly distribute into 10 oz serving vessels
5. Pour brulee mixture to the top of the bread and bake covered  at 300 degrees for 45 minutes
6. When firm and ready to serve put in a hot oven to brown top,
7. Pour crème anglaise over the top and add powdered sugar and mint and serve

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