Battle of the Dishes

Matt's Big Breakfast Threatens to Flatten Joe's Diner Like a Pancake

A real pancake is a thing of beauty. Not Bisquick or the fast food version, but an honest-to-goodness made from scratch griddle cake filled with love and real buttermilk. Some people, like my earnest dining companion, grew up with these comfort food treats. Others of us were forced to eat the cheap boxed crap that looks and tastes like foam insulation.

In hopes of reviving our blunted breakfast palates, we tracked down two local breakfast joints known for their tasty homemade pancakes. Read on to find out how relative newbie Joe's Diner fared against the heavyweight: Matt's Big Breakfast. 

In One Corner: Joe's Diner
4433 N 16th St. in Phoenix

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Wynter Holden
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