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17 Great Meat and Butcher Shops in Metro Phoenix

From a whole goose to something called a Rib Fest, Valley meat markets have it all.
Nick Addante (left) and Luigi Paroli of Arcadia Meat Market.
Nick Addante (left) and Luigi Paroli of Arcadia Meat Market. Arcadia Meat Market
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It was once typical to have a neighborhood meat shop. It was once normal to have a person in your life you referred to as “my butcher.”

Not so much these days. But there are still several old-fashioned butcher shops operating in the Valley, offering fresh sirloin steaks, roaster pigs, whole chickens, handmade sausage, local lamb cuts, fresh bacon, lunch meats, and much more.

So here you go, meatheads: 17 old-style meat shops across metro Phoenix.

Arcadia Meat Market

3950 East Indian School Road, #130

Arcadia Meat Market is known for variety. Lamb options often include rack, loin chops, burger patties, fore quarters, chops, and rear steak. Pork may include rib chops, loin chops, sausage, fresh ham, and an empyrean belly. But beef — sourced from Arizona Grass Raised — is the main draw, offered in chuck, New York strip, rib-eye, stew cuts, fillet, offal, and more.

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Butcher Block Meats in Chandler carries Greater Omaha Packing Company, Vienna beef, and Boar's Head products.
Terance Chang

Butcher Block Meats

4015 South Arizona Avenue, #11, Chandler

A family-owned and operated traditional butcher shop, Butcher Block Meats carries products from the Greater Omaha Packing Company, Vienna Beef, Boar's Head, and more. Find New York strips, marrow bones, St. Louis ribs, and even a goose. Packages include pan-fry ready meats like bacon and pork chops, Chicago-style hot dog kits, Crock Pot-friendly cuts, and something called, simply, the Rib Fest.

The Pork Shop

3359 East Combs Road, Queen Creek

Beef gets all the glory, so at this East Valley butcher shop, pork cuts have held the savory spotlight since 1979. The Pork Shop is known for bratwurst, Italian and Polish sausage, and breakfast links, plus ham, old-fashioned hot dogs, and lunch meats. The line of gourmet sausages includes flavors like maple syrup, jalapeño, green chili, beer, curry wurst, and apple cinnamon. The smoked meats section of the menu features capicola and bacon ends, while the smoked sausage section offers Louisiana hot links, smoked andouille, and German garlic.

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Butcher Bob's has Hawaiian sushi-grade fish and more in Surprise.
Courtesy of Butcher Bob's

Butcher Bob's

11663 West Bell Road, #2, Surprise

Around since 1988, Butcher Bob's has been a family-owned, west Valley business through two generations, and bills itself as an old-fashioned neighborhood meat market. Butcher Bob's is a licensed retailer of CAB (Certified Angus Beef), and also sells all-natural pork and chicken, specialty and holiday items, and fresh Hawaiian sushi-grade fish on a monthly basis. The people behind the counter also make their own sausage.

Rusty Nail Meats and Butchershop

10392 North Scottsdale Road, #104, Scottsdale

Rusty Nail Meats, established in 2019 by Shane Brooks (from Oregon) and Hanna Pont (from Los Angeles), is going for that "hometown butcher” vibe. Brooks has apparently butchered all his own game post hunting trips, and as a hand at Oregon farms, since he was a kid. Today, the Scottsdale meat shop offers beef sourced from the Midwest, including New York strips, filet mignon, sirloin, and skirt, flank, and hanger steaks. Lamb, veal, chicken, pork, and fish are also available, as well as exotic meats like alligator, rabbit, boar, and bison.

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French's Meat Shoppe offers select steaks, fresh ground beef, and even blueberry bratwurst.
Courtesy of French's Meat Shoppe

French's Meat Shoppe

7851 East McDowell Road, Scottsdale

Dick Liddy has owned this stripped-down meat shop in south Scottsdale since 1977, though the original French's Meat Shoppe dates back even longer. The menu includes French's select steaks (rib-eye and tenderloin fillet), marinated boneless and skinless chicken, 100-percent pure ground beef patties, and handmade sausage (chorizo, potato sausage ring, sweet and hot Italian links, and bratwurst in regular, cheddar, jalapeno, and blueberry). Ground beef is made every night, and sausage is made to order. French’s also offers wholesale items, its popular dry-aged beef, Fiesta seasoning, and weekly specials.

German Sausage Company

4900 East Indian School Road

The German Sausage Company has been around since 1982 in the Arcadia area, but the Heidelberg, Germany-born owner, Joërg Scherz, has had family in the sausage-making world since 1885. This shop features smoked sausage like mettwurst, landjaeger, and paprika salami — plus liver sausages, old-fashioned sandwich meats and cold cuts, and salted smoked meats like bauernschinken, nusschinken, and lachsschinken. No credit or debit cards are accepted, and German Sausage Company only offers in-store sales.

Meat in lights.
Benjamin Leatherman

Hobe Meats

6044 North 16th Street

Hobe Meats can be spotted while cruising through uptown Phoenix by the giant plaster steer and its iconic neon sign. Inside is an old-style butcher shop menu of prime- and choice-grade meats, including beef cuts like top sirloin, pork cuts like country ribs, and fresh chicken in the form of boneless breast meat. Hobe Meats buys from the Greater Omaha Packing Company, and products are allowed a minimum of 30 days aging. There are also marinades and sauces, whole roasting pigs, a weekly Saturday barbecue, and even all-natural pet food. Hobe Meats: Phoenix Butcher Shoppe was established in 1962.

Midwestern Meats

4308 East Main Street, Mesa

Roger and Sally McConnell established this old-school butcher shop featuring corn-fed Iowa beef and all natural pork and chicken products in Mesa in 1990. The “Meat for Smokin'" section of the Midwestern Meats menu offers brisket, baby back pork ribs, and tri-tip, while the beef menu yields prime rib roast, filet mignon center cuts, chateaubriand, hamburger meat, and steak cuts galore. There’s also Midwestern Meats Seasoning, sides ready to go at the counter, a made-from-scratch bakery, and a restaurant with a home-cooking theme. Plus, there are reheating instructions on the website.

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House-stuffed sausages at The Meat Market.
Chris Malloy

The Meat Market

37636 North Tom Darlington Drive, Carefree
Around since 2016, the petite Meat Market offers cuts from Chiricahua Pasture Raised Meats with an Old World charm. The best part? You can watch the staff butchers do their work on a flatscreen mounted above the checkout counter. There is also a drying program here, with steaks aged for 30 to 45 days, and it can handle most any custom order you can dream up.

Stanley's Homemade Sausage Company

1712 West Bell Road
2945 East Bell Road, #101
Established in 1963, making it a fixture by Phoenix standards, Stanley's Homemade Sausage Company knows more than most about sausage. The store, which is a mix of market, deli, and small restaurant, is neatly packed with Stanley's brand products and European specialty grocery products, as well as sausages and other smoked and specialty meats, cheese, and made-to-order items like sandwiches and soups. They also have an onsite processing plant, and the Stanley’s team cuts and spices everything with house-made cures and spices.

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Beef porterhouse at The Meat Shop.
Chris Malloy

The MEAT Shop

202 East Buckeye Road

An old-fashioned butcher shop set just south of downtown, the Meat Shop offers grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, local lamb, and all-natural pork products — all provided by Arizona farms. The Meat Shop offers beef cuts like brisket, eye of round, kidney, liver, tongue, and T-bone steak. The pork menu yields ears, hock, jowl, spareribs, and pig wings. There is also smoked pork, beef and pork sausages, meat boxes, and specialty items like wild game and roaster pigs. We've called this place the most innovative butcher shop in town, and there's a whole slideshow of meat, too.

Von Hanson's Meats & Spirits

2390 North Alma School Road, Chandler

A “New Old Fashioned Meat Market,” Von Hanson's Meats & Spirits originated in Minnesota in 1984, but due to a high demand from Midwesterners relocating to the Valley, a Chandler location opened its doors in 2004. Von Hanson’s features more than 70 types of sausage and brats, plus stick meat — all of which is made in the store’s smokehouse. Find Polish sausage, andouille, kielbasa, and Swedish potato sausage, plus butter garlic chicken breasts, and all-natural pet food. The shop also offers game processing for deer, moose, and more, apple to mesquite to hickory chunks for barbecuing, multiple shelves of sauces and spices, and plenty of craft beer all around.

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Schreiner's Fine Sausage has been serving 60 varieties of gourmet sausage since 1955.
Casey Schiller

Schreiner's Fine Sausage

3601 North Seventh Street

You’ve definitely seen the iconic Schreiner's Fine Sausage stand while heading down Seventh Street, and if you’ve ever wanted to know what’s on the menu (unless you’re already a frequent customer), let us help you out. Schreiner's has more than 60 varieties of homemade, gourmet sausages ranging from Polish, German, Italian, Swedish, and Hungarian to custom-blended sausages. The menu also offers lunch meat, and extras like slab bacon, beef jerky, and smoked pork products. Schreiner's Fine Sausage was founded in 1955 by Hugo Schreiner, and has been overseen by Nancy Schiller for more than 30 years.

Chuck’s Fine Meats

6606 East McKellips Road, #104, Mesa

Chuck McClure is the owner, butcher, and counterman over at Chuck’s Fine Meats in east Mesa. A spinoff of Hobe Meats in Uptown Phoenix, Chuck’s offers house-aged prime steaks as well as seafood and exotic options like veal and wild boar. Cuts of prime rib, rib roast, and beef tenderloin are prepared to order, and all special orders appear to be welcome. Marinades, sauces (we see you, Honey Jalapeño Grillin’ Glaze), and even pet foods are also available.

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Off The Hook Meat Shop is owned and operated by a female butcher in the west Valley.
Off The Hook Meat Shop

Off The Hook Meat Shop

14960 West Indian School Road, #380, Goodyear

This west Valley butcher shop is female owned and operated in the former Ada’s Fish Fry restaurant. Christine Ortega, who opened Off The Hook Meat Shop in 2019 along with her husband Jim Ortega, has been in the butchering business since 1982, while the shop offers meats from the Greater Omaha Packing Co. The menu lists poultry, pork, and beef options, including chicken breast, turkey wings and drums, pork butt, St. Louis ribs, rib-eye steaks, briskets, ox tail, beef jerky, and more.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on January 3, 2017. It was updated on July 25, 2020.
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