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Meat Shot Glasses. Yeah, You Read that Right. And We've Got the Recipe.

It just doesn't make sense: There's meat, there's alcohol, and yet for some reason, our stomachs are turning.

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What may be the most testosterone-fueled novelty since beer can construction hats, meat shot glasses are getting cheers from booze hounds and red blooded Americans alike.

They're just one of the many gems to be featured by ManBQue, an organization of meat grilling enthusiasts originating in Chicago and spreading across the globe faster than the unicorn trend.

The ManBQue website is a place for club members to share all things "manly," from grilling recipes, to beer, to rock n' roll. Other featured treasures on ManBQue include Burger Muffins, Bacon S'mores and Meathenge- which is, you guessed it, a miniature meat-based replica of Stonehenge.

The shot glasses, which are constructed out of beef, first made their debut on an episode of Chicago's Best TV and can be paired well with a Bloody Mary or ManBQue's Homemade Bacon Vodka.

But if the idea of filling your meat glasses leaves you feeling a little queasy, there are plenty of non-alcoholic alternatives to filling the void. Our minds immediately jump to anything that goes well with meat: cheese, potatoes, and of course more meat. Think of it as a meat quiche - a miche, if you will. (Real men definitely eat those.)

So if you're man enough to try out this hearty hors d'oeuvre we've got the recipe for you right here, adapted from ManBQue's original.


8 stainless steel shot glasses sans logos or designs 1lb ground beef or pork (or a mix) 2 jalapeno peppers 5 cloves garlic 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp chile powder


- Finely chop you peppers and garlic and mix with remaining food ingredients in a bowl

- Create 8 equally sized meatballs out of your mixture

- Mold the meatballs firmly around each shot glass like greasy Play-Doh.

- Place the glasses upside down on the grill

- Make sure the meat is evenly seared all around and let the shots stand on the top rack for 7 more minutes

- Fill cups with your favorite meat accessory.

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