Ice cream at Melt is served in to-go Chinese cartons and topped with a fortune cookie.
Ice cream at Melt is served in to-go Chinese cartons and topped with a fortune cookie.
Samantha Pouls

Roosevelt Row's Melt Ice Cream Shop Is Closing Soon, Plans to Relocate

Melt Ice Cream Shop on Fifth Street in the Roosevelt Row neighborhood will close its doors at the end of February.

"It sucks because we’re getting the ball rolling and doing stuff with people, but now we’re about to go out of business for a while,” says owner Pablo Sapien.

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Melt recently started flavor contests via Instagram and flavor collaborations with locals like Power 98’s Millie Rodriguez. But the collaborations will stop when Melt closes. Sapien says it's only temporary, that the decision came as a result of increasing rent and that he intends to relocate to a spot near Third Avenue and Roosevelt Street.

Melt ice cream flavors are unique.EXPAND
Melt ice cream flavors are unique.
Samantha Pouls

Sapien promises Melt will be back at a new location with unique flavors like hot sauce and popcorn.

Melt won’t leave its original home without one final goodbye. Sapien wants to throw a big party before heading out. Exact details are not available yet, but Sapien says the party will be toward the end of February, featuring DJs and live music. Stay tuned.

Melt Ice Cream Shop. 910 North Fifth Street; 602-472-3246
Monday to Friday 4 p.m. to midnight; Saturday and Sunday noon to midnight

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