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Mighty Moo Ice Cream Makes Unique Homemade Flavors in Youngtown

Frankenstein is made from leftover ice creams.
Frankenstein is made from leftover ice creams. Samantha Pouls
Mighty Moo ice cream shop has a bittersweet history.

Plans to start an ice cream business began in 2004 when husband and wife Eric and Colleen White set out to purchase and operate a soft-serve ice cream truck. Eric and Colleen purchased the truck — and then Eric, a Phoenix police officer, was shot and killed in the line of duty.

The business was on hold for a decade, until Colleen and a longtime friend, Dean Berlin, decided to pick up where the project left off. Mighty Moo Ice Cream now serves more than 30 flavors, operating out of a food trailer as well as a storefront in Youngtown on the west side.

Flavors include creative twists like Lemon Oreo, Haboob, Frankenstein, a Reverse Root Beer Float, and Nutty Coffee. Haboob is made with butterscotch ice cream, caramel, Oreos, and chocolate chunks. The Reverse Root Beer Float is what it sounds like: root beer-flavored ice cream with vanilla creme soda.

Colleen White uses an American-style ice cream recipe to churn out flavors. "It's just heavy cream, whole milk, and cane sugar," Berlin says. All flavors are made in-house and either served in the store or on the trailer for events and parties.

click to enlarge Mighty Moo Ice Cream in Youngtown serves unique homemade flavors. - SAMANTHA POULS
Mighty Moo Ice Cream in Youngtown serves unique homemade flavors.
Samantha Pouls
Frankenstein, a popular flavor at the Youngtown shop, is ever-changing, containing three to five layers of the shop's homemade flavors.

A recent version contains Haboob, Nutty Coffee, and Mint Chip.

Flavors at the shop change a lot.

"If you come in on Friday and come in on Saturday, there will be a lot of different flavors up there that weren't there before," Berlin says.

Mighty Moo Ice Cream. 11122 West Alabama Avenue, Youngtown; 623-214-6532.
Tuesday through Saturday noon to 9 p.m., Sunday 2 to 8 p.m.
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