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New Food Truck Alert: The Great Pho King Food Truck, Serving French-Vietnamese Fusion

Though it's not exactly prime food truck season, the city's mobile eateries are fearlessly charging ahead. Case in point: the opening of a new Scottsdale food truck court and a fresh face entering the street-eats scene.

We're referring to The Great Pho King Food Truck, which has been open for about six weeks now, already having made appearances at Astor House, Four Peaks Brewery and last week at the Phoenix Public Market.

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The truck comes from Mike Baum (front of the "house") and chef Eddy Pham, who met just a year ago and realized they would need each other to enter -- and be successful in -- the street food biz. They almost got their truck up and running for the spring, but due to health challenges had to push the launch date back.

Pham, or "Chef Eddy," is a Vietnamese American who grew up cooking traditional Vietnamese cuisine and has training in classical French cooking. He's has been honing his style of French-Vietnamese fusion in restaurants all over the Valley.

The Great Pho King Food Truck menu includes two types of Vietnamese noodle soup, or pho, both of which come with rice noodles, meat, sliced onions, and cilantro.

But they don't stop there. The truck also serves up other Asian fusion fare such as Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi), fresh (and refreshing!) spring rolls (goi cuon) and crispy crepes (banh xeo). They also offer two grilled cheese dishes -- which don't entirely seem to fit the theme but sound good nonetheless -- with Gruyere, cheddar, havarti, and Brie.

Each of the items ranges from $4 to $8.50, with the most expensive option being the crispy crepes.

For more information about where to catch The Great Pho King Food Truck, visit the Facebook, Twitter or website.

And if you're wondering just who this " Great Pho King" is, you'll find that information there, too.

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