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Paintings Created with Salt and Spice Are Very Nice

If the most creative thing you've done with your seasonings lately is re-organize your spice rack, get an eyeful of artist Kelly McCollam's works created using salt, spices, and food coloring.

The Ohio-based McCollam is primarily a fine art photographer, but took a step out of her comfort zone to construct two series of works -- Salt of the Earth and The Spice of Life -- which present textured interpretations of colorful landscapes and recreations of classic works by her favorite painter, Vincent Van Gogh, using some of the most miniscule and basic elements of cooking.

There are no digital manipulations in McCollam's creations and after she is done taking its photograph, the salts and spices are (sadly) swept away.

Want to see more? Read on.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld