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Palee's Crown: Patience Pays Off for Excellent Thai Cuisine

At 69, Phannee Plabprasit, owner and chef of Palee's Crown in Mesa, knows a thing or two about patience in the kitchen, but it wasn't always this way. As a child growing up in Bangkok, she often was scolded by her mother, who complained that her daughter was impatient when they cooked together because she wanted go out and play.

"I learned that you will spoil the taste of a dish if you try and hurry it," Plabprasit says. "That's what makes my restaurant different -- most of what I make takes time."

She's right. Made from scratch and keeping their authenticity intact, Plabprasit's Thai dishes -- most notably, the special orders and signature creations -- abound with flavor. And the restaurant's relaxed atmosphere and cheery service sets a welcoming backdrop for enjoying them.

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Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"There also is Thai jerky, a dish that Plabprasit's son, Tanarak, who sometimes helps out at the restaurant, tells me his mom used to make in Bangkok after a trip to the open market, where she would select meat to butcher herself at home. The thin, glistening strips of deep-fried marinated beef have a pleasing, sweet chewiness and are perfectly paired with a smoky chile paste. And, finally, there is the crazily addictive Palee's Noodle. With a choice of meat or tofu, this noodle dish, more akin to a noodle soup, features egg noodles covered in a sweet broth of coconut milk with shallots, scallions, bean sprouts, and the slightest hint of mustard for a decidedly unique flavor. When I asked Plabprasit what inspired her to create this dish, she simply answered, "It's everything I like put into one bowl." Nuff said."

See what else Palee's Crown has in store in the full review.

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