Panda Express Gives Away Free Fish Today (And That's Not an April Fool's Joke)
Courtesy of Panda Express.

Panda Express Gives Away Free Fish Today (And That's Not an April Fool's Joke)

Just when you thought the land of fast food promotions couldn't get any more convoluted, Panda Express is offering a free serving of Golden Szechuan fish with any purchase-- you know, so you can have another meal with your meal. This April Fool's Day deal, which they're promoting as April Fish Day due to some alleged connection to a European tradition that still doesn't make sense because it's allegedly a Chinese food restaurant, is definitely silly, but we're not sure we want to eat fish from Panda Express even if it's free.

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According to Panda Express, the new fish dish uses "100 percent wild-caught North Pacific Cod" that's "lightly battered" and then served with snap peas, red bell pepper, and a "sweet and tangy Szechuan sauce." While the company says that the fish and veggie entree is a healthy alternative, we're pretty sure any time you batter and fry something and then cover it in a sugar glaze, it becomes not healthy-- like a cod doughnut.

If you're hankering for some free fast food fish, consequences be damned, you can visit Panda Express' website to print out the coupon.

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