The spread at Papago Brewing's happy hour.
The spread at Papago Brewing's happy hour.
Erica O'Neil

Papago Brewing: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Papago Brewing, 7107 E. McDowell Rd., Scottsdale, 480-425-7439

The Hours: Score some craft beer for a wee bit cheaper from open to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Details: One buck off all 30 of their specialty drafts (most will run you about $3.50 after the discount), and fairly affordable appetizers.

(the happy hour break down after the jump)

The Orange Blossom and an IPA on Papago's happy hour.
The Orange Blossom and an IPA on Papago's happy hour.
Erica O'Neil

The Interior: Papago Brewing is a beer lover's destination, with a rustic wood décor and mirrors along one wall to open up the fairly narrow space. Brewery flair covers the walls and what seems like hundreds of different beer taps adorn the exposed rafters. Although the atmosphere isn't particularly sporty, a couple of small televisions dot the corners of the bar, flanking a humungous big screen TV right in the center of the bar.

The Cost: About 20 bucks for three appetizers, and a couple rounds of drafts for 14 bucks before tax and tip. Add those two up and you've got a pretty pricey "happy" hour.

The Conclusion: The happy hour deals at Papago are pretty weak, unless you're a craft beer lover. Just make sure to eat ahead of time and go to enjoy a broad selection of quality beer.

They have a pretty amazing selection of drafts on tap, with plenty of their in-house brews mingling with other craft beers. For the picky drinkers and the looky loos there's also several coolers of beer that you can peruse to find a bottle more to your liking. We also spotted a short list of house wines for those who prefer grapes to hops.

We were duped by bad internet info stating that the appetizers at Papago were a buck off, along with the drafts. That just ain't so. We needed to sate our hunger anyway and decided to try the roasted red pepper hummus, Bavarian pretzels, and cheese quesadilla.

The hummus was amazing in its mediocrity, tasting like something straight from your neighborhood supermarket and served with a strange cardboard substitute in lieu of pita bread. The serving size was also meager for the $7 price point. The Bavarian pretzels ($4.95) were also pretty standard, but the mustard was awesome. It complimented the beer well and had us gobbling up those pretzels just to slather on the mustard.

The quesadilla ($6.95) was easily the best appetizer of the evening, packed with ooey gooey cheese, sweet caramelized onions, and plenty of roasted green chiles to bring the spice. It was grilled to perfection and more than filling for a couple folks to share.

Overall Grade: B

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