Pei Wei Offering New Thai Basil Chicken Free -- Through February 17

For a limited time, Pei Wei (the fast-ish food counterpart to P.F. Chang's) is offering a free meal. Well, pretty free anyway. Free enough for us.
As far as quick meals go, Pei Wei tops our list with fresh ingredients, creative menus and a nice, casual atmosphere. We're huge fans of the chicken lettuce wraps. And now there's a chance to try a new dish.

Pei Wei prides itself on creating original dishesinspired by foods found in real Asian marketplaces. Now after a recent trip to Bangkok, Pei Wei Executive Chef Eric Justice has created a new dish called Thai Basil Chicken.

Until February 17th, Pei Wei fans get a chance to try the new entree free, and it takes just a few seconds to snag it. By visiting and creating a Pei Wei Passport (which is essentially a website login), fans get access to special content that earns them an offer for a free Thai Basil Chicken Diner Select when you buy another entree. All you have to do is create your passport, get it stamped, and your coupon will be e-mailed to you.

The entree starts at only $6.25 and is only available at Pei Wei for a limited time, but get it free now while you can!

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Caitlin McQuarrie