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Pepper Prepper: World's Most Useless Kitchen Tool?

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Generally speaking, cooks decry the single function tools in the kitchen because it's rare that they're absolutely necessary and it's rare that you couldn't get by using something else to do the same job.

Then there's Amco's Pepper Prepper, a tool seemingly designed for beings with opposable thumbs who like bell peppers but can't be bothered to use those thumbs to core a bell pepper prior to chopping. It's important to note that this device doesn't actually chop your peppers for you, it just cuts the cap off and helps remove the ribs from the inside. In other words you now need two pieces of equipment, a knife and a Pepper Prepper, just to prepare an single ingredient in a dish.

In the event that you are still thinking of spending $8 on a tool that only cores peppers, pleas watch the following video.

Of course Amco is no stranger to dedicated single function tools of questionable utility. We shudder to imagine the size of the kitchen designed to house their menagerie of tools. Just for corn they have a one-step corn kerneler which does what it says on the box, just not very well according to the Amazon.com reviews. They also have a corn desilker which is apparently a tool for people with $7 to spend but no running water.

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