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Pete DeRuvo Dishes on the Mouthwatering Italian Food He Grew Up On (You Will Be Jealous) and Praises Three Local Chefs (Although One Goes Un-named)

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What really turns you off when you're dining at a restaurant?: Restaurants that have the beauty but not the bite.

Name two of your favorite Phoenix restaurants: Rancho Pinot, hands down. We know who runs the ship and her commitment to a solid ethos of food, locally and organically grown. And Atlas Bistro. Josh and Keenen are beyond their years, They're fun, progressive and demonstrate solid technique all the time. Love those dudes!

Name a national/international chef you greatly admire and explain why: I admire Chris Cosentino [of Incanto in San Francisco]. I worked with him at Johnson and Wales and respect his ethos on food.

Who taught you to make salumi?: Mike Tusk, Paul Bertolli, Paul Cannales, Lazzaro Cimmadorro (Italian chef in Italy). I learned a great deal, but as I grew from cooked and formed terrines, my Prado staff and I tried new ingredients and preparations such as mortadella with truffles. I always allow for growth within the arena and strive to get better with time.

Favorite thing to eat growing up: My mom's braciole with all the braised meats.

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Nikki Buchanan