Shriveled Melons, Moldy Cucumbers: It’s the July 2020 Restaurant D-List

Shriveled melons, moldy cucumbers, and no damn paper towels at the hand-washing sink.EXPAND
Shriveled melons, moldy cucumbers, and no damn paper towels at the hand-washing sink.
Sean Horsburgh/Unsplash
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Every week, the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department grades restaurants after completing ro utine health inspections. A D grade means the establishment has committed three or more "priority item" violations (which can directly contribute to increasing the risk of foodborne illness or injury, according to the MCESD) or four or more "priority foundation item" violations (which are indirect). At the beginning of each month, Phoenix New Times rounds up the restaurants that received a D grade the previous month and excerpts hand-picked observations from the weekly reports, listed below.

Heavenly Bakeshop

2095 North Dobson Road, #2, Chandler

"Observed employee drinking water then remove steam buns from water and handle other utensils without washing hands. Employee washed hands at the time of inspection."

"Observed cooked vegetables between 80-100 *F on counter top. Per person in charge, vegetables had been on the counter top for 1 hour and moved them to the fridge at the time of inspection."

Birria Estilo Michoacan

1711 West Broadway Road

“Observed a large box of moldy cucumber in the walk in cooler. Foods must be maintained free of mold and unadulterated to prevent the proliferation of mold onto other items in the walk in cooler.”

“Observed more than 10 flies in the kitchen and dining area. The premises must be maintained free of pests to prevent the spread of pathogens. PIC will contact a pest controller before reinspection.”

Rodehouse Restaurant South

2425 South 24th Street

“Several melons in the establishment's walk-in fridge were shriveled and had a significant amount of organic matter growing on the surface. All foods must be maintained in a safe condition and unadulterated.”

“The establishment's chlorine dishwasher was in use and had a chlorine sanitizer concentration of 0ppm. The inspector ran the machine 3 additional times, but the concentration did not rise above 0ppm. Priming the sanitizer did not dispense any sanitizer into the dishwasher's water, despite the sanitizer bucket being full. All chlorine sanitizer dishwashers must be maintained with a concentration between 50-100ppm while in use.”

Cloves Indian Groceries & Kitchen

1825 West Chandler Boulevard, #2, Chandler

“Observed no paper towels at hand sink near kitchen entrance. PIC provided paper towels. Hand sinks must be supplied at all times.”

“Observed chutney at 118F in a container near the hold holding unit in front of the establishment. Per PIC, the item is served at room temperature. PIC reheated the item to 165F to hold at 135F. TCS food must be held at 135F or above when hot holding.”

Mariscos El Dorado No. 2

5630 South Central Avenue

“Observed dishes being cleaned in the 3 comp sink with a sanitizing compartment containing 0ppm chlorine. The manager was able to provide test strips to confirm that no sanitizer was present. The manager had an employee add chlorine from a bottle and measured the approximate level between 50-100ppm with a test strip.”

Ramen Dozo

3415 South McClintock Drive, #107, Tempe

“Miso soup holding in hot well, per manager, at 127*F internally. Manager re-heated soup to above 165*F. Please maintain hot-held TCS food 135*F or above.”

“Cut lettuce in first cold table since previous day, per manager, at 49*F internally. Other foods in same unit holding 49-51*F. Embargoed, manager discarded. TCS foods must be maintained 41*F or below, or under time control.”

Tac-O Tac-O

4228 West Van Buren Street, #3

“Containers of raw beef asada, white cheese requiring refrigeration, and cooked rice were at 66*F-68'F in refrigerator. Per employee, the items were placed into cold holding at 11:30 am greater that 2 hours earlier. Person in charge voluntarily discarded items. All TCS foods must be keep at 41'F.”

“No paper towels were available at the time of inspections at the handwashing sink. Napkins were provided.”

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.