Welcome to the D List: 17 Restaurants Bomb July Health Inspections

A popular pizza joint lands on the D list.
A popular pizza joint lands on the D list.
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Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation.

July 2018 was a sorry month in restaurant health inspections. The Maricopa County health inspector dropped Ds on 17 restaurants. There was mold. There were bathrooms without soap. There were raw eggs, reused disposable gloves, and even a fridge that couldn't keep food cool. Here is last month's D List:

Barro's Pizza
2485 East Baseline Road, #158
"No hand soap was available at the hand sink near the office, as well as in the men's bathroom. PIC refilled the hand soap at both sinks upon request. Please ensure hand soap is available at all hand sinks for proper hand washing."

Radisson Hotel Phoenix Airport North
427 North 44th Street

"Disposition Observed vegetable soup inside the walk in cooler with a date mark from 6/24/18. Establishment uses preparation date as their date mark. PIC discarded vegetable soup."

Einstein Bros Bagels No 3557
10250 North 90th Street, Scottsdale

"On sandwich line, employee handled personal cell phone with gloved hand then continued working with ready to eat food with same gloved hand. Employee cracked unpasteurized eggs, then changed gloves without washing hands. Instructed employee to remove gloves, wash hands, and don new gloves when working with ready to eat food or after handling raw eggs."

Bosa Donuts
130 South Val Vista Drive, #101, Gilbert

"Observed person in charge don a used glove to engage in food prep. Discontinue this practice. Discussed with person in charge that single-use gloves can not be re-used. Multiuse gloves, especially when used repeatedly and soiled, can become breeding grounds for pathogens that could be transferred to food."

Curry Bowl Indian Restaurant
955 West Chandler Heights Road, #1 and #2, Chandler

"Observed hose with dirt and organic debris accumulation touching ice in ice machine. The other end was touching the mop sink. Per PIC, the hose was used to drain the water at the bottom of the ice machine."

Popeye's No. 620
2005 West Broadway Road, Mesa

"Observed dishwasher sanitizing multiple pans for less than 5 seconds after properly washing and rinsing the pans. Discussed proper sanitizing techniques for food contact surfaces with the PIC. Per manufacture's labeling, quat sanitizer used by establishment requires a contact time of at least 1 minute to effectively sanitize."

Divine Bistro
3990 South Alma School Road, #3, Chandler

"Observed port wine cheese in bottom of left lift top cooler drawer with green mold. PIC discarded item when brought to attention. Ensure all food is discarded before it becomes moldy."

The Stand Burgers and Tacos
3538 East Indian School Road

"Observed employee touch raw hamburger with a gloved hand and then touch ready to eat cheese with the same gloved hand. After touching raw meat, employees must wash hands and change gloves before touching ready to eat foods in order to avoid cross contamination. Employee washed hands and changed gloves and discarded the contaminated food items."

Pitic Restaurant
1580 East Pima Street, #108

"Employee cracked egg on to flat top stove and continued handling food items such as corn tortillas without washing hands or changing gloves. Instructed employee that a raw shelled egg is considered a raw food item and requires a hand wash and glove change before handling ready-to-eat food items."

Tokyo Stop
1335 West University Drive, #6, Tempe

"Raw chicken and raw shelled eggs were observed being stored above vegetables and sauce in a reach-in cooler. Raw animal foods should be stored below all ready to eat foods to prevent contamination."

Cheba Hut lands on the D list.
Cheba Hut lands on the D list.
Phoenix New Times

Cheba Hut Sub Shop
1710 West Southern Avenue, Suite B8, Mesa

"Observed walk-in refrigerator with a minimum ambient air temperature of 44.5'F and maintaining all TCS foods at 41'F or above at the time of inspection. Cold holding equipment must have the capacity to maintain all TCS foods at 41'F or below."

Hong Kong Bistro
4990 South Gilbert Road, #8, Chandler

"Observed employee touch ready to eat egg rolls with bare hands. PIC discarded egg rolls when brought to attention. Ensure gloves are worn when handling food and that ready to eat food is not touched with bare hands."

Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill
2218 East Williams Field Road, Gilbert

"Disposition Observed lettuce in walk-in with a prep-date of 8 days prior. Person charge discarded lettuce at time of inspection. Based on a predictive growth curve modeling program for Listeria monocytogenes, ready-to-eat, time/temperature control for safety food may be kept at 5oC (41oF) a total of 7 days."

El Rancho Mercado Y Carniceria
413 West Hatcher Road

"Observed large metal pot of salsa walk-in units not rapidly cooling in the center of the product. Per Employee less than 6 hours had passed. Employee cooled using an approved method."

Thai Basil
114 West Adams Street, Suite C-104

"In walk-in refrigerator raw pooled eggs were being stored above a box of corn. In prep unit raw shrimp was being stored over garlic. PIC re-arranged items so cross contamination would not occur. Refer to posted storage charts."

Nick's Pizza Kitchen
13910 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, #2A, Scottsdale
"Employee added cut lemons to customer drinks with bare hands. Employee provided tongs for placing cut fruit in drinks. Discussed no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods."

Rubio's Baja Grill
4747 East Bell Road, #17

"The floor in the make line and prep areas has grout that is excessively damaged/chipped with standing water present. Ensure that floor is repaired properly to a smooth and easily cleanable surface."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.