Pie Snob, Bertha's and Iowa Cafe Say Let Them Eat Pie!

​According to the National Pie Council, - yes there is such an organization and you can even become a card carrying member - Saturday January 23rd is National Pie Day. 

We've already heard whispers that pie is all the rage, and this is a trend we can sink our fork into.  

Not interested in baking your own? We understand. ​Become a pie aficionado by sampling one of over 20 pie flavors baked by Traci Wilbur, owner of local company Pie Snob.  Traci says that apple pie is by far her best seller, but she recommends branching out to one of her cream, nut, or chocolate flavors.  



Her current favorite is the lemon meringue.

Go the old fashioned route and soak up a little Midwestern Americana by stopping in at The Iowa Café in Mesa where fresh pies are baked and sold whole or by the slice.  Owner and pie maker, Pam Ohsman continues the tradition of making hearty stick-to-your-ribs meals and desserts started by the original café owners over thirty-five years ago. 

Finally, we don't often cross the threshold of a chain restaurant, but free pie might just get us in the door at Marie Callender's where this Saturday, customers can order a free slice of pie with the purchase of any entrée.

Stick that in your piehole.

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