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Pizza Hut Singapore's Double Sensation Pizza

We're roughly pretty sure that Pizza Hut Asia has the Epic Meal Time guys on permanent retainer because the ideas hitting the market out there are pretty amazing. The latest over-the-top creation is from Pizza Hut Singapore which introduced a "Double Sensation Pizza" just in time for the holidays.

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As you can guess, the Double Sensation Pizza is two pizzas merged through holiday and industrial cooking magic into a single entity. Not only does it have two crusts, it has two different crusts, one of which is filled with molten cheese and the other with cheesy freaking sausage. But wait, there's more.

As if a pizza with two cheese/sausage filled crusts was not enough, there's also a proscribed selection of additional toppings. The inner pizza has an Alfredo sauce and is topped with smoked chicken and zucchini. The outer pizza features what they call a "salsa sauce" and is topped with bell peppers, mushrooms and turkey ham. The entire monstrosity is made whole by the addition of a festive maraschino cherry because, just because.

If you're scratching your head as to why your local Pizza Hut doesn't stock smoked chicken, keep in mind that Pizza Hut Singapore is a higher brow entry into the crowded Singapore food scene. Pizza of all kinds isn't nearly as ubiquitous as it is here and the novelty hasn't worn off so it's still perceived as a somewhat upscale and faintly exotic dining choice. This Singaporean blogger went to the release party and as you can see, the offerings from Pizza Hut Singapore are a much nicer than what you'd expect out here. There are, for instance, no Pizza Hut America franchises serving a shrimp salad with fresh fruit.

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