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Pork on a Fork: Nebraska Hog-Farmers in Phoenix

If you've been at a farmers market in the Valley lately, you've probably run into a booth with a rather odd name and a Nebraska Huskers bumper sticker on the cooler: Pork on a Fork.

The name, we're not sure about, but the Huskers sticker is there because the company's two owners, Wes Hansen and Justin Erickson, moved out to Arizona from the hog farms of Nebraska they call home. When they got here, they realized there was a gap in the market -- one that made their tummies rumble for some farm-raised pork.

So was born Pork on a Fork, just three months ago -- and it's been popping up all over the place since.

Namely, the Twilight Farmers' Market in Glendale, the Ahwatukee Farmers' Market, St. Philip's Plaza Farmers' Market in Tucson and the Roadrunner Park Farmers' Market in Phoenix. In addition, 10 of of their top products are now available on, the Web site that allows people to order food directly from local producers. That's right, they'll deliver it to your door.

Erickson's brother, Russ, stayed in Nebraska on the fourth-generation family farm, raising healthy hogs that they promise get plenty of exercise and fresh air, while his brother and Hansen sell the pork products, from BBQ pulled pork to jalapeno bratwurst, at farmers markets across the Valley.

And these farm boys are sure to point out that their hogs are raised humanely, are disease-free and have been given no hormones or antibiotics.

If you're going to be in California next week, look for the Pork on a Fork guys at the Celebrity Food Show in Anaheim, from August 7 to 9, where they'll be lending their pork loin to celebrity chef Guy Fieri, of the Food Network. He'll be making Pork el Fuego with their products in a series of demonstrations during the event, which draws an estimated 30,000 people each year.

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Lauren Gilger
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