Recipe: Christine Boerner's Rocher

Rocher (FR: rock)

When I was a kid we called these chocolate -coated bites haystacks. I stand corrected! These yummy little mounds can be made with your choice of ingredients, toasted nuts, golden raisins and chopped dried fruit. Christine Boerner provides a classic recipe for Rocher with a punch of flavor from orange infused dried cranberries. Christine prefers Felchlin Swiss chocolate for her Rocher. You can find Felchlin on-line or use Vahlrona.

Ingredients: 200 grams orange flavored dried cranberries 400 grams silvered almonds temperature 500 grams tempered bittersweet chocolate (52%) Tips: Orange flavored dried cranberries can be purchased in the bulk bins at Sprouts or packaged at Trader Joe's Make your own infused cranberries; boil dried cranberries in orange juice, remove from heat and allow to rest for 3 days, strain from juice, dry before use in recipe Easy chop: Freeze cranberries, rough chop in food processor

Method: Rough chop cranberries Toast slivered almonds until light golden in color, cool completely Mix cranberries and toasted almonds in a bowl Temper chocolate (how to below) Add tempered chocolate to the mix and stir gently to coat the cranberries and almonds With a teaspoon or small pastry scoop measure mixture onto a parchment covered sheet pan Allow Rocher to dry at room temperature Store covered

Carol's Quick Temper Tip: Finely chop chocolate Place two thirds of the chocolate in the top of a double boiler Melt the chocolate over low heat Note: the water in the bottom pot should not touch the bottom of the top pot Stir the chocolate to ensure even melting Remove the top pot of the double boiler and wipe away the condensation Divide the remaining melted chocolate in thirds Add 1/3 at a time to the melted chocolate; stir each batch in until thoroughly melted before you add the next third Note: The added chopped chocolate will absorb the heat of the melted chocolate, and begin to cool and temper The temperature of melted bittersweet chocolate should be 89 F If too warm, continue to add additional chopped chocolate to cool If the chocolate has cooled too quickly, gently heat over double boiler until it reaches desired temperature

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Carol Blonder