Redrum: Not Just for Scary Little Boys

Not for little boys under 21 at all, actually; but those of age can wipe the lipstick off the door and put away that kitchen knife because their (or the voices in their heads' anyway) request has been granted. And it's delicious.

Redrum is a 70-proof Caribbean rum distilled from sugarcane and infused with natural mango, pineapple, coconut and cherry flavors. It comes in a cool red bottle that vaguely resembles a coffin (or maybe it's just our own morbidity talking).

The company also makes VooDoo Spiced Rum and Jolly Roger Coconut & Key Lime Rum (which, at 50-proof, has a higher alcohol content than its competitor, Malibu).

Redrum is sweet enough to drink by itself or on the rocks with soda water, but it's also a great base for fruity tiki cocktails and other wussy beverages.

You can pick up a bottle of Redrum at most Valley liquor stores. Just try not to make any lame The Shining jokes like we did here; but if you're going to anyway, watch this classic scene so you can at least get it right.

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Adriane Goetz