Make it your last drink of the night.
Make it your last drink of the night.

RESQWATER's Hangover Remedy is a Little Hard to Swallow ... Literally

Not everyone enjoys a night of heavy drinking, but even the most severe masochist hates a hangover. And as long as there's been alcohol consumption, there have been professed hangover cures, whether it's "hair of the dog," pills and powders, or IV infusions.

Now Scottsdale-based company Intelligent Beverages is bottling its own remedy designed to replenish the nutrients you lose under the influence and rehydrate you overnight before the dreaded "morning after" headache, nausea and overall state of discontent.

RESQWATER combines N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC), which aids in amino acid conversion, with fructose, prickly pear, electrolytes, vitamins, and good 'ol H2O.

For best results, you're supposed to drink it after you're done boozing, just before passing out (think of it as a nightcap). It's probably best that you're drunk when consuming this product, however, as it tastes pretty darned awful (like worse than Pedialyte). Perhaps you could try mixing it with juice, making yourself one final cocktail?

On the upside, it did appear to take the edge off this weekend after a particularly severe birthday outing. Perhaps if we had been able to choke down more than half, we would have experienced less than half of a hangover the following day.

RESQWATER is sold at select bars, restaurants, hotels and convenience/grocery stores throughout the Valley. The bottles go for $3-$4 each, or you can buy a 4-pack for $14 on the RESQWATER Web site.


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