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A Rolled Ice Cream Shop Opens on the West Side

Ice cream made on a cold plate in front of you.
McCurley continuously thins and spreads ice cream until it reaches the perfect temperature.
McCurley continuously thins and spreads ice cream until it reaches the perfect temperature. Samantha Pouls
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At Nomadic Ice Creams Rolls, there's no ice cream on display. That's because Nino McCurley makes fresh ice cream to order. His rolled ice cream shop just opened in Glendale.

In the spirit of the national trend, a few spots in Arizona already serve rolled ice cream (I Roll Thai Ice Cream, Roll Avenue). Before opening Nomadic, McCurley was, too — first in a corner of a shop in El Mirage, and then out of a truck. Now, he has his own storefront.

His ice cream is good, and the experience of watching McCurley make it is interesting. McCurley measures his dairy-heavy ice cream base in a measuring cup. (The contents of his base are secret.) He then pours the liquid onto something called an anti-griddle. The top metal sheet of the anti-griddle freezes things instead of cooking them. He then works other ingredients into the ice cream base as it freezes.

Once the ice cream has solidified, he divides it into four pieces and rolls it into the final product. "I want everything to be in every bite," he says. "I hate when I go somewhere and I get ice cream and all the stuff is sitting on top."

McCurley's most popular flavor is Snoozberry. For it, he uses strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream for the base. Strawberries, bananas, and Fruity Pebbles are then mashed into the ice cream to make the flavor. More Fruity Pebbles and whipped cream are added into the middle of the rolls.

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Snoozberry is made with fresh bananas and strawberries, as well as Fruity Pebbles and whipped cream.
Samantha Pouls
There's a long list of flavors to choose from, including the Choco Brah, made from a chocolate-mocha base, Oreos, and dark chocolate syrup. There's the Down with B.C.P for those who love vanilla. It's made from a vanilla base, banana, Nilla wafers, and nuts.

A create-your-own ice cream option is also popular. Customers choose a base flavor: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or matcha. Mocha and caramel macchiato can be added to any base. You can then add various fruit (strawberries, blueberries, banana, mango, and many more), crunch (cookie, cereal, or ice cream cones), and syrup (strawberry, chocolate, dark chocolate, or caramel).

Finally, customers can add Nutella, whipped cream, or nuts. Prices range from $7.50 for a small (big for a small) and $8.50 for a large.

Nomadic Ice Cream Rolls. 5750 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale; 623-826-8905.
Wednesday to Sunday 3 p.m. to midnight; closed Monday and Tuesday.
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