Ryan Avery, What Are You Eating?

Ryan Avery

The performance artist will be featured with Father's Day at The Real Coachella Saturday, April 24 at The Trunk Space at 8 p.m.

What'd you eat for dinner last night? I went to Olive Garden to visit some of my family. I ate the cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce on it. It was the cheesiest meal I have ever had.

Favorite food: Twice-baked potatoes. And, right now, I am really into oranges. I just can't get enough of them.

Least favorite food: Fast-food in general. Although, if I had to eat at a fast-food restaurant, I would choose Del Taco. You usually can't go wrong with their Macho fries and bean and cheese burritos.

Favorite dessert: The other day, Tammie [of Tammie Coe Cakes, where Avery works] made an Oreo mousse cake that was amazing. It was too delicious to wait for....I ate it with my hands. But I will eat any sweets--it's hard to choose a favorite.

Favorite local restaurant and meal to order there: I love Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert. Their jumbo baked potato with all the fixin's is soooo good! And since it is so far away from me, it's like an extra special treat each time I go there.

Favorite local bar and cocktail to order there: Well, I don't drink alcohol...but the folks over at the Bikini Lounge have always been super-nice to me, and whenever I have friends that want to hang out over there, I get the pineapple juice from there. It's always a delight.

Favorite thing to cook at home: Mexican food. It's always fun to cook Mexican food with someone else at home. You get someone working on guacamole and someone working on beans or tortillas, etc. I love it.

Favorite memory involving food: This one time, Andrew Jemsek and I had a really great time involving whipped cream and strawberries. I shouldn't get into too much detail, but it was great. Maybe ask him about it sometime.

Recipe or food tip to share: Milk and cookies is a winning combination!

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