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'Vegetable-Obsessed' Chef Sacha Levine Will Be Hosting Pop-Up Dinners

Sacha Levine will be opening  a new restaurant, The In Betweens, later this year
Sacha Levine will be opening a new restaurant, The In Betweens, later this year Phoenix New Times

click to enlarge Sacha Levine will be opening  a new restaurant, The In Betweens, later this year - PHOENIX NEW TIMES
Sacha Levine will be opening a new restaurant, The In Betweens, later this year
Phoenix New Times

Sacha Levine, who has cooked at Rancho Pinot, FnB, Quiesscence, and most recently Ocotillo, will be hosting a number of pop-up dinners from now until her new restaurant opens.

That new restaurant is under construction; it will be ready to roll in late summer or fall. Levine left Ocotillo earlier this year. This lineup of pop-ups will fill the gap between her past and future.

"When I left Ocotillo, I had a ton of people in the community reach out to me," Levine says. "So I was like hell, yeah, let's do some pop-ups."

Levine will be cooking at the pop-ups with Carlos Carbajal, the chef she'll be partnering with for the new eatery, which will be called The In Betweens. The two cooked together at Quiesscence and Ocotillo.

Their pop-up squad will share a name with their forthcoming restaurant.

"It's all local, seasonal, and vegetable-driven," Levine says of her approach at the pop-ups. "Everything's new American now. It's a big melting pot."

The In Betweens have already started a pop-up series with Hidden Track Bottle Shop. The next events will be on April 4, April 18, and May 2. The bummer, though, is that these pop-ups have already sold out. Keep up with the Facebook page for the Hidden Track pop-up series, and you may be able to score a seat tickets if another reservation falls through. 

Most of the other pop-ups still have seats.

On April 8, Levine and Carbajal will be hosting a pop-up at Noodle Bar in Phoenix. This pop-up will be a collab with Marco Di Santo, chef at Noodle Bar. It'll have the spring focus you would expect from Levine at this time of year, and the Asian bent of Di Santo's cooking at Noodle Bar. Adept Valley mixologist Travis Ness will be mixing the drinks. A seat costs $59.

Another pop-up, this one a two-part series, will be sprouting at Noble Eatery. These will also cost $59. So far, the Levine-Carbajal squad has pop-ups slated at Noble for April 22 and April 29.

They will also be collaborating with Cloth & Flame for a brunch. Cloth & Flame is the service that sends diners into the desert, to an endless table where strangers dine together. On board for this one: Tracey Dempsey, the talented baker behind Tracy Dempsey Originals, and Robbie Tutlewski, who in recent years cooked at Chris Bianco eateries like Pane Bianco.

To keep up with the shifting plans of The In Betweens, check out the group's Facebook page. We'll have more on the duo's brick-and-mortar restaurant in the months ahead. Levine gets pretty hyped when she talks about the place, saying, "It's just going to be fun and weird, like me."
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