Sacred Hogan Navajo Frybread

Growing up in rural Arizona, certain events were anticipated because they were known to be accompanied by a homemade Navajo taco. From Christmas parades to corn festivals, eating a Navajo taco meant sampling Arizona street food at its best. But finding a Navajo taco in the Valley?...not always so easy.

Sacred Hogan Navajo Frybread at 842 E. Indian School Road serves up authentic Native American dishes from central Phoenix. With a bright yellow sign and the Yaa'teeh greeting this place is more humble than the name might suggest, but the Navajo tacos and frybread are the real deal. 

A Navajo taco is whole pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, and red onion piled on top of a puffy golden frybread. At Sacred Hogan the frybread was hand-tossed and made to order $6.99 full/$4.99 half. Other menu items include blue corn mush, a Navajo lamb sandwich, and a featured stew of the month. 


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