Salted butter caramel ice cream at Sweet Republic

By Michele Laudig

Oh. My. God.

I am dying to try the artisan ice creams and sorbets at Sweet Republic, a new Scottsdale sweet shop that opened last week. (Thanks to the Chow Bella reader who emailed me with the great tip!)

Owners Jan Wichayanuparp and Helen Yung make their small-batch ice creams from scratch, using rBST-free milk. Salted butter caramel is just one of the scrumptious-sounding flavors I'm dying to try. They also make sorbets using fresh fruit; flavors include lime-basil, pear-ginger, and canteloupe.

Pinkberry-style tart frozen yogurt is another option at Sweet Republic, along with shakes, malts, and sundaes. There is a small selection of fresh baked goods available daily as well -- current offerings include banana bread and orange peel-walnut macaroons.

Sweet Republic is located at 9160 E. Shea in Scottsdale, and opens at 11 a.m. daily. For more info, call 602-903-3891.


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