Chef Christopher Nicosia will be cooking at Sassi till next summer.
Chef Christopher Nicosia will be cooking at Sassi till next summer.
Courtesy of Sassi

Sassi in North Scottsdale Is Closing in 2018

Those who have been to Sassi will no doubt feel a rush of sadness when they hear that the place is scheduled to close for good in summer 2018.

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Offering iced wine, plates of ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms, and fritto misto — overlooking faraway mountains running along the horizon — this place offers Arizona outdoor dining at its full potential. Sassi was (and is) a striking villa-like space that calls to mind far-off Tuscan vineyards and the summer homes of Roman emperors.

Get there while you still can.

After the upcoming cool season, Sassi will end its 14-year run next June. Chef Christopher Nicosia will be cooking at Sassi until then, and you can still book events at the restaurant if they fall between now and May 2018.

Read more about the impending closure on Sassi's Facebook page, where the decision was quietly announced.

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