Seafood Prices Going Up After Gulf Coast Oil Spill?

A recent piece on National Public Radio highlighted the impact the Gulf Coast oil spill is having on the region's seafood industry. Oil slicks threaten Louisiana, in particular, as the state's $1.8 billion seafood biz is the second largest in the U.S. after Alaska.

For landlocked seafood lovers in Arizona, what does that mean? Higher prices, inevitably. I called chef-owner Joshua Hebert of Posh Improvisational Cuisine in Scottsdale to get some perspective from a kitchen talent who's particularly fond of fish.

"Prices are starting to go up a little bit already," he says, "but purveyors will find any excuse to raise them." He predicts that seafood from other fishing regions will soon shoot up from increased demand created by what he considers "the worst man-made disaster ever." Shrimp, especially, are about to become pricier, Hebert says.

Better get your seafood fix now.

"My guess is by this weekend, everybody, including grocery stores, will start really raising prices."


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Michele Laudig
Contact: Michele Laudig