Serendipitous Sunday in Scottsdale

What a random morning yesterday.

I attempted to go to Tempe, and didn't realize I should've gotten off the 202 at Priest -- Rural was closed, and McClintock basically was, too. There was some major bicycling event going on, and all cars were forced down Rio Salado and back across the bridge, toward Papago Park. All I could do was laugh about it.

So what the heck, I thought I'd switch gears and try breakfast at Mandala Tea Room. It was mellow -- awesome homemade granola, all kinds of vegetarian tofu scrambles, and a huge selection of tea. I got myself a 32 ounce pot of jasmine green tea and took my sweet old time sipping it.

But before Mandala opened (at 10 a.m.), I had a little time to kill, and ended up walking past an interesting-looking new restaurant called Cien Agaves Tacos and Tequila, on First Avenue just east of Scottsdale Road.

The menu looked tasty. I hadn't had any caffeine yet, so memory fails me somewhat, but about half the menu was tacos -- perhaps a dozen different kinds. Lobster, shrimp, carne asada, you name it. Anybody been there yet? I am curious...

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