Six More Food(ie) Terms that Drive Laurie Notaro Nuts

It turns out people get pissed when you call them out for acting elitist for something they have to do or they die. We all have to eat; but when you start acting kinda Big Ike about it, you ruin it for everybody. Thus, here are six more terms plus a bonus round that I'd like to permanently strike from the record, post-haste. That's big shot for "starting now." See how that just sucked the fun out of that whole sentence? I bet you thought a foodie wrote that.

6. Sous-Vide Yeah. My mom used to use this cooking technique when she got her first job in the early Eighties, called herself "a modern woman" and tossed almost every meal into a pot of hot water. We ate fowl, beef and even some vegetables this way, but then it had a different name. The translation of sous-vide to English is "Banquet Cooking Bags" and if you ate dinner between 1975-1986, you are probably going to get cancer from it. Happy chemo!

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Laurie Notaro