Guilty Pleasures

S'mores Oreos Might Just Be the Best Oreos Ever

The Guilty Pleasure: S’mores Oreos
Where to Get It: Grocery Stores, probably Target and Walmart too
Price: $2.98 (Could vary by store)
What it Really Costs: Rethinking what it really means to be an Oreo (or a s’more)

Just when we thought Oreos really had the whole “delicious sandwich cookie” thing figured out, they went and turned the game on its head.

Is it the graham cracker cookies that make the S’mores Oreos so perfect? Maybe. Or is it the gooey marshmallow in the middle? It might be the rich chocolate that complements the marshmallow.

We don’t know exactly what it is that makes the S’mores Oreos (S’moreos, anyone?) amazing, but there are no two ways about it. They’re nearly as delicious as their campfire-based namesake, and that’s high praise in the currently saturated s’mores-flavored market.

Sure, the Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino was cool and all, but it was missing the textural element of the crunchy graham cracker mixing with creamy marshmallow and melted chocolate. The Oreos don’t miss that one bit, offering not only an excellent s’mores flavor, but also a near-perfect s’mores textural experience.

Our only complaint about the S’mores Oreos is that the package is entirely too small. They lasted approximately 12 hours with only two people snacking on them, and while the new smaller packages of Oreos are appreciated on some of the disgusting flavors (Lemon Creme… ugh), these little sandwich cookies of campfire goodness should totally be put into bigger packs and made available all year.

Unless you’re some kind of monster who doesn’t like s’mores and/or Oreos, we highly suggest you go buy yourself a package of these before they disappear. They might just be the best Oreos ever.

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