Stacy Matson's Perfect Food Day

Stacy Matson is a NY transplant who tweets her heart out about food (@luvchampagne). She's "obsessed with finding recipes in old cookbooks and hunting down cookbooks at estate sales." You might have seen her out and about, she loves going to happy hour and dining out "all the time." She's a General Contractor's wife and adores her 2 rescue dogs -- a chiweenie and a liver-spotted Dalmatian.

Here is Stacy Matson's perfect food day:

Breakfast: An iced nonfat mocha from Lux with whipped cream with whatever pastry they have freshly baked that day that looks good.

Lunch: Sitting outside of Pane Bianco with a mozzarella tomato sandwich or the pesto shrimp salad at Arcadia Farms.

Happy Hour: I would stop at The Salt Cellar and order a bucket of mussels, shrimp San Remo, basket of bread and baked clams.

Dinner: Porterhouse for 2 at Mastro's with their huge stack of matchstick fries and creamed spinach guzzled down with a glass of champagne.

Dessert: It would have to end with an ooey gooey cupcake from Tammie Coe or the most amazing caramel arborio rice custard with salted caramel sauce and a butter pecan cookie from Rancho Pinot.

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