Happy Hour

Stockyards: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: 1889 Saloon at Stockyards Restaurant, 5009 E. Washington St., Phoenix, 602-273-7378 http://www.stockyardsrestaurant.com

The Hours: At this good old fashioned restaurant, the happy hours in the saloon are also traditional, the good old Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7 pm.

The Details: All premium drafts are 2 bucks off and domestic bottles are $3. A well will run you $4, or a glass of house wine for $5. During happy hour the bar sets up free chips and salsa or sliders with all the fixins. All the saloon treats on the menu are two bucks off too.

(the happy hour break down after the jump)

The Interior: Stockyard's 1889 Saloon could double as a set straight out of an old school Wild West movie. It reeks of vintage Arizona charm with a massive dark wood bar with carved wood and gilded adornments, luxe leather barstools and plenty of high top tables that can accommodate any sized party. Ornate chafing dishes line one side of the bar with sliders and chips for free munching during happy hour.

The Cost: A couple beers, an appetizer and some of the free nibbles came to about 14 bucks before tax and tip. Not too bad for a full meal and a couple beers.

The Conclusion: A couple of Moose Drools on happy hour were a solid bet to accompany the cheap eats at the 1889 Saloon. Deals on other beer, wine and wells are also available to sate whatever buzz you're looking for.

Free eats at happy hour are a sure fire way to score high with us thrifty bar flies. The sliders were a solid choice and tasted just like mom used to make them, although we're sure they added something a little classier than a packet of onion soup dip to the mix. The chips and salsa were also surprisingly well done, tasting fresh with a bit of kick.

In addition to these solid freebies, all of the Saloon Snacks are offered at a two dollar discount. We tried the machaca soft tacos and they were tender and delicious. Unfortunately, they were so mouth-puckering salty that we had a hard time choking them down. Fortunately, the innards of those soft tacos were perfectly spiced as a topping for some DIY nachos made with the accompanying chips. Plenty of other meaty options were on the menu, but aside from a quesadilla and some onion rings, the saloon snacks aren't really vegetarian friendly.

Overall Grade: B+

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Erica O'Neil