Stuck At My Desk: Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken

What We Ate: Lean Cuisine Market Creations Garlic Chicken

Chicken with pasta, asparagus, broccoli, carrots and a creamy parmesan garlic sauce all wrapped up in a new steam fresh bag.

The Facts: 270 calories, 6g fat (1g saturated fat), 670g sodium and 33g of carbs

Why This One: Plain and simple, we were intrigued by the new shiny packaging. Yep, they got us with a good marketing ploy.

Looks: It looks just like the picture on the bag and somehow like real food. Good sized chunks of chicken with a 50/50 ratio of veggies to pasta. The broccoli and carrots look bright and cheery and there is a fair amount of asparagus in the mix. 

Taste: We really had high hopes for this. It smelled great and it looked more then edible. And it stops at that. The chicken tasted alright but had an odd processed texture and there wasn't much of it. Most of the pasta was on the squishy side but a few pieces escaped the sauce and were chewy and dry. The veggie were limp and tasteless except for the asparagus which just shouldn't be microwaved. The sauce was thin and a too sweet for our palette. They sure weren't lying about the garlic though. That stuck around long after we dumped half of this in the garbage. 
Score:  on a scale of 1- 10; I would give this a 4. Another lunchtime ruined by mushy vegetables and garlic.  

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Shannon Armour
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