Superbowl Eats: 16 Most Awesome/Disgusting Food Stadiums

No matter if you're a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, the Baltimore Ravens, or a neutral observer, if you're attending a Super Bowl party this year, the food is what (hopefully) will make everyone cheer.

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And for some parties, it's go big or go home. Like these mini-stadium platters made out of food. Awesome? Disgusting? Or maybe a little of both. You decide and let us know your favorites.

16.) Carb Kick Off (above)

15.) Anyone Seen the Dog's Bed?

14.) You Had Us Until the White Chocolate Covered Pretzels Behind the End Zones

13.) Saved By the Veggies

12.) WTF: French Fries?

11.) Pushing Tin

10.) Hope You Like Parsley With Your Pretzels

9.) Watch Out for the Guac Lump at the 50-Yard Line

8.) Extra Points for the Beef Jerky Goal Posts

7.) What's With the Marshmallows?

6.) What Twinkie Shortage?

5.) Sponsored in Part by Jif and Dunder Mifflin

4.) Please, Not the Chocolate

3.) Twinkie Tailgate Party!

2.) Wall of Hot Dogs

1.) Hammin' It Up

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