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Sweet and Savory Crepes at New Le Chalet in Glendale

I bet you already have a favorite local French spot for your onion soup fix, or for a decent plate of steak frites. But what about crepes? Sadly, they're not so easy to come by. I usually get mine at the Saturday market at Vincent's on Camelback.

That's what's so smart about the menu at Le Chalet, a new French eatery in Glendale (5626 W. Bell Rd.). It's full of French specialties that you're probably craving but just don't come across that often.

First off, they have crepes -- 23 different kinds, both savory and sweet, plus crepe wraps and salads in a crepe shells. Among the entrees, look for the Bergere crepe, with ratatouille and goat cheese; La Landaise, with seared foie gras and caramelized apples; and the Mediterranee, with sea scallops and leeks in saffron cream sauce.

Dessert variations include a salted butter caramel crepe; Crepe Williams, with flambeed pears, chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream, and Williams pear liqueur; and of course, Nutella-stuffed crepes.

There's fondue, too, including cheese, meat, and decadent dessert versions. Under appetizers, I'm interested in the traditional flammenkuche (an oven-toasted tart with sour cream, bacon, onion, and Swiss cheese). Le Chalet also serves tartiflette, a dish I haven't seen since the demise of Trente-Cinq 35 (it's a rich casserole layered with potatoes, bacon, onions, Reblochon cheese, and heavy cream).

Le Chalet is open daily for lunch and dinner; call 602-337-8760 for more information.

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Michele Laudig
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