Sweet Avocado Pop Tarts with Lime Glaze Recipe, Crave Sandwich Café Review and Aloof Coffee "Makes Roasting Obsolete"

Megan from Scarletta Bakes is seriously one clever dame. We love her southwestern spin on baked treats and this sweet avocado pop tart with lime glaze sounds so crazy and so delicious. No chocolate to be found here, just sweet creamy avocado sweetened with granulated sugar and lime juice. Brilliant!

The Hot Sheet took a stroll over to Crave Sandwich Café, which is located in the ASU Mercado in downtown Phoenix. This teeny spot featured lots of creative sandwiches like the Turkey New Mex made with green chiles, provolone, lettuce and chipotle mayo. Don't fret if you need to get it to go, they have an online ordering system and even an inviting courtyard if you decide to stay in the area.

Do not miss Joe Johnston's post over at The Roaster Project about the fourth wave of coffee, Aloof Coffee. Roasting coffee is unheard of at Aloof Coffee. "At Aloof, we never roast coffee - we let green coffee speak for itself with its grassy, herbaceous notes. This convergence of the burgeoning Raw Food Movement with specialty coffee is truly the fourth wave." Flippin' hilarious. Love this.

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