Sweet Pea Bakery Says Goodbye

While downtown continues to break ground on a whole slew of new developments, devotees of desserts will have to wave goodbye as Sweet Pea Bakery (www.sweetpeaaz.com, 209 W. Jackson Street, 602-296-4042) closes its doors at the end of April, just weeks after Danielle Librera, chef and owner, celebrated Sweet Pea's third anniversary on March 15th. The bakery's cute as a button, from the food to the shabby chic décor, but it is off the the beaten path. We're frankly impressed that Librera lasted this long.

"We have loyal customers, and we love them. But between the economy and the construction, we're just not seeing people every day," said Librera. Sure, some of the new projects will carry hipster cache and build a better downtown, but for Sweet Pea, the new county jail across the street that recently broke ground has all but eliminated parking and access to the bakery's southwest corner of Jackson Street and 2nd Avenue, and, best case scenario, won't be complete until sometime in 2012.

All is not lost for those who lust after Librera's confections, like pb & j sandwich cookies and her buttery rosemary shortbread. She'll move her kitchen mojo to Lola Coffee, Daniel Wayne's soon-to-be new spot on 4700 N. Central in Phoenix. She's on board as the head baker and confectionary creator. Fans will still be able to find their Sweet Pea favorites, and special order custom creations.

Librera says, "It's sad, I'll miss everything, but it's been four years since I've had a paycheck."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.