Last Call

Taking It Slow: Some Great Drinks Take Time

A friend recently handed me the February 2012 issue of Esquire magazine. Sticking out the side was a Post-It with three huge question marks and an arrow pointing inside. The arrow pointed to the cover story, "Agree: Bill Clinton and 78 Other Things We Can All Agree On". Specifically, it pointed to "52: No good cocktail should take more than 45 seconds to make." I immediately protested to my friend, "But what about the Ramos Fizz? You have to shake the damn thing for a solid two minutes, and it's worth every moment!" My friend peeled back the strategically placed Post-It to reveal "53: Except [the Ramos Fizz]." My friends know me too well.

This got me thinking, are there any other exceptions to the rule?

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JK Grence
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