The Best Beers of 2010

​Dwell all you want on the poor economy, the dwindling job market or the plethora of depressing events of 2010 -- it's been a good year for beer. Despite a drop in overall beer sales, craft brews continue to rise in popularity, allowing innovative American brewers to stretch their muscles and placate the thirsty masses (i.e. us) with ever-more inventive and flavorful drinks. Here's a selection of our favorites; 14 new, delicious beers that made 2010 awesome.

Bell's Batch 9000
Brewed in celebration of Bell's 9,000th batch (who would've thought?) Batch 9000 was met with mixed reviews upon its release, but those who allowed the beer to age have found themselves a treat. The beer makes use of molasses and brewer's licorice, which impart flavors of sweet caramel, dark rum and fruits such as raisins and plums. It's too bad this 12.5 percent ABV ale won't be brewed again, but if you can find a bottle, we suggest you cellar it for a while -- it'll continue to develop in flavor and complexity for years.

Lost Abbey Deliverance
Deliverance is actually a blend of two of Lost Abbey's renowned brews: bourbon barrel-aged Serpent's Stout brandy barrel-aged Angel's Share. The best aspects of each beer combine to create a taste harmony that'll deliver us from shitty beer forever.

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