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First Taste: The Buzz on Buzzed Bull Creamery

Buzzed Bull Creamery
Buzzed Bull Creamery Allison Young
Buzzed Bull Creamery is like the new kid in high school. The one who transfers from another state and shows up infinitely cool and instantly popular, all edgy, novel and slightly mysterious, with his own lingo, no less. The one everyone has an instant crush on. That’s Buzzed Bull Creamery, a liquid nitrogen creamery that serves up small-batch ice cream and milkshakes with or without booze.

Located in the Urban Outfitters strip between Scottsdale Fashion Square and the Waterfront, the interior has that new kid swagger. Walls are black and white, with sleek black tables and chairs, a giant chalkboard for doodling, and a modish mural painted on the white brick wall, a whirling scribble of all things ice cream that looks like a page taken right out of New Kid’s sketchbook.
click to enlarge Buzzed Bull Creamery has that new, cool kid vibe. - ALLISON YOUNG
Buzzed Bull Creamery has that new, cool kid vibe.
Allison Young
But you’re not there just to gawk, you’re there to go deeper. The menu board is the place to start and it kicks off with a doozy: Death by Chocolate, a promise of chocolate rapture that features chocolate every which way – chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce – with the option to take it over the top with one or two shots of chocolate vodka. Hard Apple Pie combines caramel, Graham cracker, and apple pie mix (with the “suggested buzz” of apple pie moonshine). Strawberry Shortcake mixes strawberries, cake batter, and Graham crackers (with the “suggested buzz” of strawberry vodka). Tiger Stripes pulls peanut butter and chocolate ice cream together with Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter sauce (with the “suggested buzz” of spiced rum).

click to enlarge Liquid nitrogen turns ice cream making into a frosty smoke and mirrors show. - ALLISON YOUNG
Liquid nitrogen turns ice cream making into a frosty smoke and mirrors show.
Allison Young
All sound divine, and can be made into ice cream or milkshakes, but does this new kid deliver on his cool kid promise? When it comes to smoke and mirrors, absolutely. The first creamery in the country to infuse alcohol into ice cream using liquid nitrogen, the process also means you get to see the mixed-to-order base come to dreamy, decadent life right before your eyes, a frosty spectacle with a frosty indulgence at the end. And thanks to liquid nitrogen’s quick freezing – no air pockets – it’s silkier and smoother than regular ice cream. But theatrics aside, the item names may be tastier than the end result. Death by Chocolate could be have more chocolate flavor; Apple Pie more apple flavor; and Tiger Stripes more peanut butter flavor.

In the end, you’re paying for spectacle and location. After your front row seat to the milkshake-making action, sit on the patio and watch the beautiful people roll by or stroll the Waterfront with your hip sip. Whether you add alcohol or not, there’s a buzz in that.
click to enlarge Spike Tiger Stripes with spiced rum. - ALLISON YOUNG
Spike Tiger Stripes with spiced rum.
Allison Young

Buzzed Bull Creamery
7135 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale
Sunday to Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Thursday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
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