Guilty Pleasures

The Cinna Bliss at Waffle Love is a Sugary Flavor Bomb

The Guilty Pleasure: The Cinna Bliss 
Where to Get It: Waffle Love
Price: $7.50
What it Really Costs: A serious case of post-sugar-high blues. 

Have you tried the Cinna Bliss at Waffle Love yet? Because if you're as obsessed with ultra-rich, sugar-dense foods as we are, then you should know that this may well be one of the finest specimens of guilty-pleasure foods in the East Valley. 

The Cinna Bliss is one of the specialty waffles made at Waffle Love, a waffle shop that currently has one location in Gilbert. Not an regular East Valley visitor? You can also find this treat at the Waffle Love food truck, which makes the rounds around metro Phoenix (the truck's schedule can be found on the Waffle Love website). 

The company got its start as a food ruck in Provo, Utah, before eventually expanding to Arizona — you might remember the truck from its appearance on the sixth season of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, where it earned a respectable runner-up finish.

Waffle Love specializes in Belgian-style Liege waffles, which are notably thick and crispy on the outside, slightly dense and chewy on the inside, and rich with the flavor of butter and caramelized sugar. More so than American-style breakfast waffles, these waffles have large, deep pockets making them ideal for holding syrup, caramel, whipped cream, or other deliciously sticky and creamy toppings. 

And while Waffle Love is certainly not the only waffle game in town — there are other food trucks and shops offering Belgian-style waffle treats — Waffle Love appears to be the only place to get this particular waffle delight, which is so deeply indulgent, you can feel its endorphin-boosting effects at first bite. 

The Cinna Bliss features one of the restaurant's churro-inspired waffles, which bears a shimmering, crispy crust of sugar and cinnamon. A big, creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream, rolled in thick, extra-crispy corn flakes, is glued on top. The treat is finished off with a few puffs of whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel cream, and topped with a fresh raspberry. 

Part of the joy of eating the Cinna Bliss is the pleasure of its alternately crispy and chewy textures playing against one another. The crunchy, corn flake crust of the ice cream yields to the very smooth and dense scoop of ice cream, and the crispiness of the waffle reveals layers of lightly sweet, chewy, nicely-baked dough. 

Is the Cinna Bliss worth a cross-town drive? Well, yes, but only if you love delicious foods and you're certain that your blood glucose levels can handle it. 

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Patricia Escárcega was Phoenix New Times' food critic.