Guilty Pleasures

The Diamondbacks' Huge New Guilty Pleasure Food Is an 18-Inch Stuffed Corn Dog

The Guilty Pleasure: Two hot dogs and a freaking huge corn dog. Where to Get It: Chase Field at Diamondbacks home games. Price: Up to $25. But that one includes fries. What it Really Costs: Putting up with your friends giggling about 18 inches of corn dog.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not much of a sports fan. I do, however, enjoy going to the occasional baseball game. This year, the Arizona Diamondbacks have given me all the more reason to head out to Chase Field sometime soon.

Along the third base line at Chase Field is Big Dawgs, a concession stand that specializes in elaborately topped hot dogs. While they're bringing back from last year a bacon-wrapped Sonoran-style hot dog (a ballpark-relative bargain at $7), and introducing a $10 foot-long habanero Venom Dog topped with guacamole and black beans, my attention is squarely on the colossal new D-Bat Dog.

The D-Bat is surely the creation of a mad genius. It's a whopping 18-inch-long corn dog that's stuffed with bacon, cheese, and jalapeños. This thing makes some of the insane deep-fried stuff at the state fair look downright tame by comparison. Stunned stares from passersby are going to happen.

The D-Bat does come with a bit of sticker shock. It's one of the most expensive ballpark entrées in the country, at a whopping 25 bucks. However, the price is fairly easy to justify.

First, it comes with fries. Judging by the press photo, it comes with a huge heap of fries. Second, I live for this kind of thing, and I'm pretty sure when I try one, I'm going to split it with a friend. It's like getting two corn dogs with fries for $12.50 each, which is about what I'd expect to pay for that at a ballpark. However, that brings up one small dilemma. How exactly do you split food on a stick?

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If you're looking forward to the D-Bat Dog as much as I am, the home season opener is Monday, March 31, against the San Francisco Giants. See you at the park! I'll be the one with the 18-inch corn dog and a huge grin.

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