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No Longer Just an Online Bakery, The Dinersaur Goes Brick-and-Mortar in Encanto Village

Olivia Gerard and Annette Villa
Olivia Gerard and Annette Villa Bahar Anooshahr

Olivia Girard has amassed quite a following since she started her online bakery The Dinersaur in 2016.

As of early September, though, her playful, modern creations — pies with chamomile flowers, custard churrovers, salt-and-vinegar chocolate chip cookies, dinosaur-shaped banana bread — are now available via an Encanto neighborhood storefront at 1339 West Thomas Road. (It's the former Bella Vida salon space, located on 13th Avenue with its back to Thomas. The entrance is off the parking lot; look for the dinosaur silhouette.)

Her fans seem to be following Girard to her brick-and-mortar. At Dinersaur's grand opening a few weeks back, Girard and her assistant, Annette Villa, greeted customers new and old. She sold out within an hour that Saturday and after just 30 minutes on Sunday.

The following weekend, customers were buying up olive oil cakes (one had strawberry, lemon curd, and mascarpone whip; another was poppyseed, blackberries, and lemon thyme whip) and pecan tea cookies. Pies, too: Banana cream, key lime, and strawberry were all available. (You can scope out the day's specials on Instagram beforehand.)

It took two months to open the bakery after Girard and her partner, John Wagner, found the space. Before they moved in, you could order Dinersaur treats online or find them at a few restaurants and coffee shops around town. (The First Place Coffee truck sells her stuff, as does Nelson's Meat + Fish.) Aside from the changing and seasonal treats, Girard also does special bakes for different holidays. In the past, she's done ghost meringues, take-and-bake kids’ cookie boxes, and Trick O Treat! boxes for Halloween, and pumpkin chiffon pie plus cinnamon apple sonker for Thanksgiving. Fall's here; get your orders in — or drive over to Encanto to browse the bakery yourself.

the Dinersaur
1339 West Thomas Road
Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday 
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