Happy Hour

The District American Kitchen and Wine Bar : Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: The District American Kitchen and Wine Bar 320 N. Third St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

602-817-5400 www.districtrestaurant.com

The Hours: 3 till 7 p.m. and reverse happy hour is 10 p.m. till close Monday through Friday.

The Details: $3.75 sangria, $3 microbrew pints, and deals on small plates. Nothing on the happy hour menu is over $5, which makes us happy.

The Interior: Located in the beautiful downtown Sheridan hotel is the equally beautiful District American Kitchen and Wine Bar. Sky high ceilings with tons of windows surround the front of the building drawing in an ocean of natural light. The breathtaking space is adorned with art work from local artists and the spacious patio on the south side of the building is a nice little retreat from the hustle

and bustle of downtown. The bar is decadently appointed with marble and is quite deep, making ample room for appetizers and drinks. The seating is comfortable with oversized medium-backed upholstered stools. Past this arrangement finds an eye pleasing tall shelved glass bar hosting various liquors. The rest of the bar area consists of a great deal of high top tables, great for large groups. The Cost: 3 Sangria's, 1 beer, Mac & Cheese, Chips and Dip, and The Baked Tomato soup plus tax came to a grand total of $24.10.

The Conclusion: The Dstrict is an anomaly. It's corporate but it's not. It seems like they are truly trying to not be a typical hotel bar. This place tosses out several of the aspects that your typical indie restaurant would love to have -- for instance, a roof top garden that provides some of the produce and herbs for the kitchen, good local art work, LCD Soundsystem trickling out of the speakers, and a nice selection of microbrews and organic liquors.

All that still couldn't mask the fact that we were sitting at the hotel bar---but for some reason it's comfortable and you don't really want to leave.

Happy hour at The District is relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered after a horrifically busy Monday. We got there around 5:30 and sat at the relativity empty bar. There were three bartenders posted up behind the bar, our orders were promptly taken and drinks served. The white sangria is loaded with peach slices and tastes a bit like candy/alcohol heaven. The red was decent but nothing special.

After we decided on food it took us several attempts to get the bartender's attention, however once we did our food came out quick and hot. All the food was on the better side of average. The mac & cheese had a surprise addition of hot links (they should probably note that on the menu) that complimented the cheese sauce nicely. The baked tomato soup was covered in melty cheese and the chips and dip were a favorable snack.

The service was just acceptable but the atmosphere and cheap drinks more then made up for it. We don't know of another bar in town where you can get a Stone IPA or Lagunitas Pils on tap for $3. Next time you feel like class-ing it up and only have $10 in your pocket go to The District and grab a beer and a snack and still have enough to tip your bartender. Overall Grade: B

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Shannon Armour
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