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The Famous Pinterest Rainbow Cake: Did We Succeed?

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In the beginning we toyed with using a boxed cake mix for sake of simplicity, but the only boxed cake I've used, and liked, is that from Trader Joe's and they were out. So we decided to make it from scratch using the same recipe used for the Valentine's Day Heart Cake.

This recipe turned out to be the perfect amount. Plus, you can control the quality of ingredients that goes into it. But let's face it, with a total of 7 sticks of butter, 17 cups of sugar and literally all the colors of the fake rainbow, don't get hung up on using the best ingredients. When making this cake you embrace Crisco, enriched and bleached flour and refined sugar. This cake is more of an art project - or a science experiment. How many globs of dye does it take to achieve the desired color?

Whip up the cake batter and get your dyes out. To ensure that each layer is even, measure equal amounts of batter into six separate bowls. Use an ice cream scoop with a spring to make this task easier. Now the fun part - start dying the batter. We found that some colors needed little globs while some needed more. Don't be afraid to keep adding. And try not to think about what Laurie Notaro says.

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